Gershon de Rosa was founded with two clear aims:  

Create value for our clients; 

Lead our profession in identifying and delivering great talent.

Gershon de Rosa focuses on identifying great leaders and teams in the face of evolving economic conditions, opportunities and business goals.

We work closely with law firms and investment funds to provide specialist legal professionals.

As a firm, we are:


At Gershon de Rosa, we are deeply passionate about what we do, dedicated to your success and ethical in our conduct.  We are devoted to achieving a high quality execution for our clients.


We have varied professional careers prior to joining our firm.  We combine cutting-edge, structured research data with the sound judgement of experience to provide you with outstanding quality of information.


We develop meaningful and long-term relationships, provide true support and offer honest guidance.  This allows us to better understand your needs and stay focused on what really matters to you.


Our aims are twofold: to create value for our clients and to lead our profession in identifying and delivering great talent.  This ensures you see a positive return on your investment in our firm and frees us to be diligent, thorough and able to facilitate hiring negotiations with no conflict of interest.

Committed to Diversity & Inclusion

We have a deeply personal appreciation of the value of diversity for us and for our clients. We believe that diverse perspectives lead to better decisions and better business.  This mindset pervades all that we do, and we aim to help our clients meet their D&I objectives in any way we can.  Read the full text of our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion here.